One More Night

Time races ahead while we remain abed, Tangled, fleeting romance passion fused love dance Baby just one more night another sinful morning delight Sate the longing in your eyes Fill my ears with heady sighs. Just one more night before you take flight.   ©2017 The Man in Gray Blog Advertisements


Morning has broken Darkness has fled,  The angel has spoken He is not dead.  The tomb is now open Death has fled,  He is Risen, Just as he said.


I’m a selfish person. My time is my own. The most precious commodity,  Out of my control.  Untamed,not for lack of  My chrono-wealth is fast dying Bleeding, depleted by forces  Of incessant torment. These damned interruptions, Keep them to yourself! 

Day in the Sun

Rare, like an honest soul, this day in the sun when the brightness isn’t dimmed by the darkness within this day in the sun when love is real and my soul is vibrantly alive this day in the sun. Rare, like the flash of a smile this day in the sun when your eyes hold […]

Thousand Cuts

Words like knives tear sensitive skin Like hot coals on a tongue Your verbiage is murder To an aching soul A thousand cuts,  Ten thousand wounds;  And worst of all You were supposed to be A mother. 

Something like it

This must be what Life feels like, Warmth all over, Throbbing, beautiful ache Life, it must be, Or something like it. This must be what passion feels like Wrapped in her arms Trembling, shaking pleasure passion, it must be, Or something like it. This must be what Love feels like Holding her now So small […]